The Entrepreneur Mindset is a way to make your business work for your potential clients or customers. What does engaging your mindset mean? Its simple, the first steps involves you becoming focused on the dream and vision that you set out to accomplish. In Business there are always tips that can be used to shape how you think about the process of something your engage in. This article will give you ten solid business tools to start and grow a successful business. 

  1. Conduct Market Research: Research provides you the opportunity to evaluate the Market and determine the Niche that will work best for you to develop in and grow. 
  2. Write a Business Plan: The business plan is your roadmap, it keeps you on tract while allowing you to continue to create in your business.
  3. Fund Your Business: Having a funding source is important and should be built into your business plan. This will show  potential funding prospects that you have thought out the future of your business. Funding your business is key for its growth, in any business in order to make money you got to put money into it. 
  4. Pick your location: If you are operating a brick and mortar and in sales identifying a key location that is accessible for customers is essential when identifying your location. 
  5. Choose a Business Structure: Identify the type of business owner you want to be. Is it Non-Profit? Sole Proprietor? LLC or Joint Ownership. 
  6. Choose Your Business Name: When determining your business name. Think about your ultimate brand. What do you your brand to convey to potential customers? What does the name mean for you? To others? Is it catchy? Fun? It all depends on the type of business you are in, also remember to do a Name Search to ensure your originality. 
  7. Register Your Name: Get your business name registered with the City and State you reside in. 
  8. Get Federal and State Tax Ids:  This can be done easily by going on the and at no cost. 
  9. Apply for License and Permits: Depending on the type of business your opening the state you live in may require additional licensing and permits. Do your research and be diligent about researching the requirements needed to opening your business. 
  10. Open a Business Bank Account: Identify a well known bank that works well with small businesses and entrepreneurs. 


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