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“Being a mature grown woman is as much a business, as it is a lifestyle!” Alina Lopez Thomas has always considered herself ambitious and versatile. Graduating high school, Alina began her career as a Union Carpenter, and loved it! But, once the economic forecast dimmed during the recession, her career trajectory altered.

Alina Lopez Thomas

Alina Lopez Thomas, the strength of G.R.O.W.N. Women

One of Alina’s innate abilities is to help people by building strong relationships, therefore, it seemed the human services field was a natural career option. For over 25 years she worked in the non-profit and public sectors, generally as a ‘field marshal.’ When Alina worked for a Commonwealth of Massachusetts agency, she invested maximum capacity daily. “I believed in the work I did. I was ethical with strong leadership skills.” Imagine the shock, when she heard the words, “You’re Fired!” It was not only an economic blow to her career path, but to her professional pride. She mourned the demise of her reputation for too long. It became problematic for her to believe in her work, and suddenly be presented with illusions of failure by an incompetent management institution. It was in that moment of necessity that she started her own business! It did not take long for Alina to turn around her anger, fear, and betrayal and resolve to apply her true strength of character towards training and preparing others to be economically independent.

Alina holds an undergraduate degree in Business Management, and she has years of experience in quality assurance/control and compliance She also has a Business Planning Certificate from the Center of Women and Enterprise (CWE); and she has a thorough knowledge of the policies and practices in the Child Care and Early Education fields. Alina recently completed her Home Health Aid Certification, and Certified Nursing Training.


The Greater Resource of Women Networks (G.R.O.W.N.) was formed in 2016 to empower aspiring business-minded women with practical skills and coaching for success in a cold and carnivorous business climate. The G.R.O.W.N. mission is to empower women by offering training re-enforcing existing skills to reach success in any chosen career path, and/or entrepreneurship.

“Being a mature grown woman is as much a business, as it is a lifestyle!”

G.R.O.W.N., in collaboration with the Ultimate Biz Conference (UBC) allows members many opportunities to participate in entrepreneurship presentations in business from those that have become masters. The UBC events will provide powerful entrepreneurial resources for start-up businesses. Alina, is also the Chief Founder of the National Early Education Hub (NEEHUB), a consultant resource and early education job board. “Public speaking, coaching, leadership development, and networking are natural skills for me,” says Alina.

I believe in the vision of G.R.O.W.N. Women which is to provide a resource and networking organization for women that gives them the power and freedom to launch their start-up entrepreneurial business by developing your transferable skills.

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