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Membership Overview:


I am a GROWN Woman. Grown brings like-minded women together in a safe, supportive, creative, and energetic environment. We provide a group platform at an engaged monthly meeting for women entrepreneurs. We will support each other through business coaching, financial growth, and a social level.

GROWN Lifestyle:

We are a membership that is built for the growth of women entrepreneurs. Our Lifestyle is all about ” embracing your power” by conquering fears and being creative for your business success. The support that this membership will provide will be an asset to you on a personal and business level. The GWL will go beyond NETWORKING, we are about building solid relationships by CONNECT-WORKING.  We value your expertise and want you to feel safe to share your ideas and challenges. Our group is based on integrity and respect, as GWL members we recognize the importance of being confidential during obvious matters about your business. We are all Grown Women and want are fellow members to succeed. 

Becoming a G.R.O.W.N. Member:

How do I become a member of Grown Women? First, you must decide that you want to be part of a group of a determined and motivated group of women. Then, fill out the membership form. Tell us about yourself and why you are a Grown Woman, what you need, and what support you will bring to your other Grown Women supporters and members. 


Membership Benefits: 

  • Monthly presentations, guest speakers, and business owner training with members and non-members
  • Membership spotlight on GROWN Website 
  • Online Membership Highlight on the website 
  • Invitations to private events, such as film screenings, art exhibitions, and social events 
  • Ability to share your business with other members, advertise a product, and sell packages
  • Access to “private GROWN Lifestyle (GWL) Facebook group
  • Participate in GWL membership only with one guest “Membership Biz-Niz Networking retreat
  • Discounted Books for our club reading and discussions
  • Featured Writer on GWL Blog Post 
  • Free Gifts and Incentives for Members 
  • Access to GWL resources 
  • Monthly Calendar with upcoming events 


GWL Membership Forms:

Download and Scan to [email protected] 

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